A to Z Challenge 2013

Monday, April 30, 2012

X is for Xyster

You gotta love kids.  Diseases must since my kids seem to bring home every stomach flu or virus known to man.  I fell off the A to Z wagon unfortunately due to being bedridden for a bit.   That means I will have to cheat a bit and put up the last 3 posts today.

In any event, the first word is Xyster which means:

a surgical instrument for scraping bone

This is a totally cool word, and I absolutely have to use it in a crime or horror story someday.  Just the imagery of scraping bone (especially if it's on a victim rather than a patient) sends chills down my spine.  I can definitely see a place for this word with the right malicious or devious (or potentially insane) character.

Any other cool ideas you can come up with for this word?


Rick Daley said...

The name of a person or place in a sci-fi or fantasy novel.

Eric said...

Ooh, great idea. That does seem to fit rather well.