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Monday, April 2, 2012

B Is For Bronteum

Though it sounds like some kind of obscure element from the period table, bronteum is actually related to music and theater.  It is defined as:

A device used to create the sound of thunder in a musical or dramatic performance (also called a tonitruone).  It is usually a large, thin sheet of metal that reverberates when shaken.

I've always liked things like this, odd objects that give us interesting sounds.  It's kind of like those videos you can see sometimes where someone is creating the sound effects for a movie.

The beginning of the word is the key - Bront.  We get all kinds of cool stuff from that, such as Brontosaurus (the thunder lizard whose scientific name is actually Apatosaurus), brontophobe (that common fear of thunderstorms), and Brontes (one of the Cyclopes in Greek mythology).

Any other interesting B words you can think of?


Shannon Cyr said...

You're right, this does look like a scientific term. Love that I learned something new today. :)

Glynis said...

We learn something new every day. Great B post. :D

Eric said...

Shannon - It's definitely not a word that sounds like what it does, huh?

Glynis - Thank you. I hope to provide everyone with a new word every day this month. If I'm lucky, everyone will learn at least 20+ new words by the end of this :)

Jasmine Walt said...

Huh! Interesting. It sounds like some kind of medical term to me, LOL. Thanks for the info!

The Muse said...

Love this! I'm a follower now, building my vocabulary. Thanks!


Eric said...

Jasmine - I hadn't thought of the whole medical aspect, but you're right. It does fit in a way.

The Muse - Cool, thank you for stopping by. Hopefully you'll enjoy the posts to come.

Rick Daley said...

Cool info! I took Latin in high school, it's amazing how much of our language is derived from it. I've seen Stomp 4 times, they are masters of making music from anything!

Bravo, Stomp. Bravo!

(That was my B word)

Britney Gulbrandsen said...

Wow. Thanks for teaching me something new :)

Francene said...

There are a few B words that I'd rather not mention. Thanks for the word meaning. Rolf Harris calls his a 'wobble board'.

Wendy H said...


First thank you for visiting my blog and commenting.

Your mention of odd objects used to create sound reminds me of Sandra Bullock's talent in Miss Congeniality. The water on the glasses. :)

I enjoy learning where meanings came from. This was very interesting. Great post!

Elana Johnson said...

Oh, I like that! I knew they did stuff like that to create the sound, but I didn't know it had a technical term.