A to Z Challenge 2013

Friday, April 13, 2012

L is for Luciferous

Today's word is luciferous, which is ironic given its meaning:

Bringing light or insight; illuminating

The religious implications are interesting, since (in the Christian realm) Lucifer is the name of God's nemesis, the deceiver, the one who causes all us lowly humans to behave badly.

Of course, since the United States is often called The Great Satan by certain cultures (or The Great Lucifer in other words), maybe we should consider that a compliment?

I can hear the Satanists chanting everywhere right about now.

"See, we told you.   What we're doing is bringing light to your world.  You just call it darkness.  Yeah, that's it."

Imagine using this word in conversation.  You can of course explain afterwards, but you know they'll be wondering if you draw pentacles on the floor in silver and light black candles after midnight (or whatever it is such people do.  I'm stereotyping here and have no real idea LOL).

So anyone up for a luciferous discussion?

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Jasmine Walt said...

Yeah, Lucifer used to be good once upon a time before he fell, hence his holy name. I find etymology to be particularly interesting because there are a lot of swear words these days that didn't used to be considered offensive once upon a time, but have evolved.