A to Z Challenge 2013

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

I is for Ichnite

Initially I was going to choose Inconceivable for today's post, but everyone knows that word, everyone should know that movie, and it's really only cool if you're shouting it in reference to something that actually is conceivable.

Instead, I give you the word Ichnite:

A fossil that is a footprint

That's right, there's a special word for those dinosaur tracks you found outside your back door.  When I first read this word, I thought of German dynamite.  The ch is hard-sounding and that always reminds me of German words.

I guess another definition could be a night that grosses you out?  Maybe you're referring to waking up next to someone you met via beer goggles and the morning light shows you the truth.

"Oh, what an ichnite.  I shouldn't have let her buy me three more shots of Tequila."  (whispered as you quietly sneak out of the apartment)

Now that I've really taken this word to all time lows, what do you think?  Any other alternative definitions?


Jessica Bell said...

What a cool word! I really should write that down for future reference!

Rick Daley said...

I like your alternative definition.

My P-post will be inconceivable...

Jemi Fraser said...

Great word! I've never heard that one before - not with either definition :P

DL Hammons said...

Your definition is far superior! Lets go with that!! :)

Joseph said...

It was morning and I was still drunk. My feet felt like ichnites in the mud as I feebly fled from the the back door of her house. I don't remember a thing. Was it a night of glory or was it another boozy ichnite? My crotch burned, then suddenly ichnited into flames. I fell to the ground amidst the dog feces. (Maybe I should stop here)

Eric said...

Jessica - Yeah, it is pretty neat huh?

Rick - Thanks. Thankfully not too many were offended evidently. Now I'm looking forward to your P post.

Jemi - LOL, I hope you haven't heard it with the second definition.

DL - Sounds good, I'll notify Webster :)

Joseph - LOL, heck no keep going. This is great stuff.