A to Z Challenge 2013

Thursday, April 26, 2012

V is for Verecund

Though today's word could have been something cool like Vendetta (I loved the movie V for Vendetta btw), I chose a word that aptly describes so many of us writers in social situations.  It is the word Verecund, and it means:

bashful, modest, or shy

I don't know about the rest of you, but it took me some time to get past my introverted habits when it comes to social gatherings.  People that knew me in high school would probably see the difference in who I was compared to who I am now as night and day.  Part of that is a higher level of self-confidence, but sometimes I just have to force myself to deal.

This is another great writer's word.  Used in the right passage, I could definitely see it used effectively to describe a given character.  Who knows, by the time I finish this A to Z, I could have given one of you 26 new tools for your writer's toolbox.

What are your thoughts on this word?


Joseph said...

I relate to this word, although the older I get, the less veracund I am, probably because the older I get, the more I drink. (takes a sip of beer)

As a word, I give it a pass. I would rather use "bashful, modest, or shy." But I love the sound of Unctuous. That's a keeper.

DEZMOND said...

now, there's a new word for me, thanks for teaching it to us, Eric!

Rick Daley said...

I love the monologue in V for Vendetta where every word starts with V.

I've never used this word. I've seen it, but I don't think I ever actually knew what it meant. Today is a richer experience for having visited this blog ;-)