A to Z Challenge 2013

Friday, April 27, 2012

W is for Wicket

Today's word is interesting to me because of it's medieval meaning.   The word is Wicket and it means:

a small gate or door;  a grilled or grated window through which business is transacted

What I'm referring to when I say this word has a medieval meaning is the first part of this definition.  This word is for the door that's a part of a larger castle gate.  For example, castles can have a large gate or door and there may be a smaller door inset in it that is designed to let one person through.  This could also be like those single doors that are part of the larger door on a barn.

The second part of the definition is more akin to a banking window (like in the old West).  I didn't really know there was a specific word for it, so I've learned something new today too.  This is another writer's word that could come in handy in a given scene.

Ever had the opportunity to us this word in writing or even conversation?


Matt Conlon said...

Huh. I never knew that.

I guess that adds meaning to the term a "Sticky Wicket".

Rick Daley said...

Makes me want to play croquet.

Eric said...

Matt - LOL. I have no response to that.

Rick - Yeah, it does sound like it belongs in croquet, huh?