A to Z Challenge 2013

Monday, April 23, 2012

S is for Sanguine

Today's word is one of my favorites - Sanguine.  It's one of those words that sounds cool when you say it and it means:

Ruddy; a healthy reddish color; consisting of or relating to blood

From a writer's perspective, this is an awesome resource word.  This is one of those words you can pull out of your toolbox and toss out there to great effect.  It can be used for character description or as a great way to describe the landscape.

When I first encountered this word, I didn't really know what it meant.  I actually remember pulling out the dictionary to look it up (yes I was a geek that way).  I've remembered it ever since.

Can you think of opportunities when this word could be useful?


Rick Daley said...

Reminds me of two things: Sangria, a great summer drink made from wine and fruit (and sometimes brandy or rum and sugar); and Sangraal, the royal blood from The DaVinci Code.

Eric said...

Oooh, Sangria is good stuff. I hadn't thought about Sangraal though. Good one!

Joseph said...

I could have used this word on my first novel.

Arghhhhhh!(clenching fists to the sky)