A to Z Challenge 2013

Friday, April 6, 2012

F is for Formication

Did you do a doubletake? In case you're wondering, no that it not a misspelling.  I did not choose an F word dealing with sex.  Today's word is Formication, which means:

The illusion or hallucination of insects crawling under the skin.

Oh yeah, this is definitely a favorite.  If you say it outloud, people around you exclaim, "What did you just say?" in shock or outrage.  Then when you explain, they get creeped out as the imagery this word evokes crawls across their mind.

It's kind of funny when you think about it.  If you think insects are climbing around under your skin, shouldn't you be more worried about what holes you have (that are large enough to let them in and are probably bleeding profusely) instead of worrying about the insects themselves?  Eh, maybe it's one of those moments when sheer panic is acceptable and expected.

Either way, this is a great word. 

Do I dare ask what other F words you people can come up with?


Dawn Embers said...

Amusing. Now I see the movie The Mummy where those scarabs or whatever they were called were under the peoples skins. Creepy looking. Nice word choice for today.

Scribe said...

Great job. I love this part "as the imagery this word evokes crawls across their mind."

Excuse me, I have this creeping along my scalp now. Think it is time for a shower.

Rick Daley said...

You got me, I was sure there was a typo!

This reminds me of the movie Creepshow, the last short with the clean freak old man who does battle with roaches.


The Muse said...

As my inner pre-teen would say, "So gross!"

Elizabeth said...

Okay, that was a pretty creepy word, not to mention the whole idea is pretty creepy. Makes me itchy all over.

Angela Felsted said...

The title certainly pulled me in! The moment I saw Formication, I was hooked.

Roxanne Barbour said...

This is just too creepy!
Great post.

Joseph said...

Eric - I wandered across your site tonight and the light was on. Looks like a great spot for a drink.

How about frankfurter?

Or fard, F-A-R-D.

Gyran Gymble said...

I'll admit to a bit of a double take and also that I chose Frankenstein because he's one of my favourite monsters (next to Godzilla who wasn't my G post at all)

Eric said...

Dawn - Oh yeah, I hadn't thought of that movie but you're right.

Scribe - Heh heh, thank you. It was just a fun literary moment. Glad you liked it.

Rick - YES, IT WORKED! Just kidding. I remember that show. That was actually the one I didn't like to watch.

The Muse - Muhahahha. May you be afflicted with these images for some time.

Elizabeth - Heh heh, yeah it really is. It really "bugs" people.

Angela - Woohoo, another victim of my intentional misspelling.

Roxanne - So many people are getting creeped out. This is awesome :)

Joseph - LOL, great choices. Thanks for stopping by. If you're drinking though, please bring one for me too :)

Gyran - Oooh, good choice. I'll have to go read your post right now.

Michelle H. said...

Definitely a surprising word. They say that heavy drinkers sometimes imagine seeing bugs crawling at the corners of their eyelids or under their skin. And I don't think you would have to worry about what size holes you have (what with skin pores) but how tiny bugs need to be to slip inside.

Creepy? Yes.