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Monday, April 13, 2009

Limited Writing

I stumbled on an interesting post that (after much discussion about the nature of talent in writing) included a challenge. The challenge issued was to write a description of a photo she provided using ONLY 30 words. One of my worst traits (yes I'm aware of it) is my lack of ability to write concisely. As any of you who have steadfastly read this blog knows, I can go on and on and on about a subject at great length. In fact, I'm certain I was told to get to the point on one of my posts. Well, never let it be said that I would let a challenge go unanswered. I did post a comment on her page with my entry. I will admit however, that trying to be truly creative AND succinct in the same instance was really difficult for me. It highlights an area where I need to work a bit harder, that of concise writing. Okay, I'm admitting it again. I need to go to a "lengthy writers anonymous" meeting.


adrcremer said...

Writing concisely (and precisely) is indeed one of the most difficult tasks of the craft. I noticed a flurry of similar Twittering contests of late, where you're limited not only to words, but to a sliver of characters with which to be creative.

Michelle H. said...

Concise writing is the most difficult. I've done several contests like this, although I might have balked at the 30-word limit. I did do a twitter contest (140 character limit) in summarizing my book premise for an agent. Hard!

james oh said...

I do share the same view that writing precisely is though, yet it is challenging. It provokes our mind to be more creative and sharper in our thought. I trust practice, practice and practice is the key to overcome this challenge. Visit me at my blog and give me some of your thoughts. Thank and look forward to hearing from all of you. Cheers and have a great day everyday,