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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Writing On A Sunday Evening

This has been a truly tumultuous weekend for me. My wife has been not feeling well for a very long time (long story, no time to tell here), but she recently got a bad infection that required her to go to the hospital.

I don't know about everyone else, but hospitals are a place I avoid at all costs. I started out life early - I was a premie - and unfortunately I needed surgery at two days old. I have a scar still, a really huge scar that will always be there. I have memories of having to go to the hospital for various things afterwards, and none of those memories are really pleasant. Its to the point where I almost have a physical reaction when I have to enter a hospital, an uneasiness that permeates my entire being. But I go when I have to.

So my weekend became an exercise in being in a hospital to help my wife feel better, though there really wasn't anything I could do other than just be by her side. I also had to run back and forth to home, because I have two boys who also need my attention. My youngest is 10, so while he somewhat understands whats going on, I don't think he really understands. He loves his mom, and in fact he's closer to her in alot of ways than he is to me. Distraction is a great tool, and I used it without regret to make sure he was occupied with other things and did not worry about his mom's health.

My oldest is 15, and he has a good bead on whats going on. Unlike his brother however, he doesn't worry as much about anything and instead relies on me to provide him with assurances. As long as I don't say he needs to worry, he really doesn't. Its kind of funny, because he sees the world in so much black and white. Its good and bad, depending on the situation. If I tell him the sky is blue, he believes it will always be that shade of color no matter what. Unfortunately, that means he sometimes doesn't question things, and thats not always good either. I'm working on it with him, but its a work in progress.

The hospital staff was planning on keeping my wife there until tomorrow, but she improved quicker than they expected, so thankfully she is out and home now. If you've never stayed in the hospital overnight, you really are lucky. Despite being a place of healing, I have never understood how they expect anyone to get better when they wake you up every 15 minutes at night to check vitals. So tonight she will be able to sleep without interruption, a welcome aspect of being in your own bed.

I was going to work on my book again, since I haven't had a chance to do any real writing all weekend. I have decided instead to just finish up this post, turn off the laptop, and just lay in bed next to my babe watching the tube. The book will see some updates tomorrow, and its a little more important right now that I spend some time with the love of my life. I hope everyone's weekend was better than mine, and I'll post something more creative tomorrow. For now, my priorities are elsewhere. Good night all.

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