A to Z Challenge 2013

Sunday, March 15, 2009


One thing I've always dreaded - and enjoyed - is deadlines. They are great in that they force me to get cranking and finish a project. They're bad though because sometimes I let myself slack off and wait until the last minute, scrambling like mad to get a project done on time.

Well today, my usual habits may have bit me in the butt. I had a writing project due on the 15th (today), but evidently the editor was assuming I would have it ready some time earlier today. I, as usual, was planning on finishing it up this evening. I guess I need to change my processes, learn new habits, and be a much more proactive writer. This is one of those occasions where I need to learn from my own mistakes.

At this point, I am going to cut this post short because despite the possibility that my entry will not be accepted, I am still going to turn in a decent article as soon as possible. Here's hoping that my editor won't have to tweak it much, and here's hoping that he'll accept it at the last possible minute. Sorry sir, I'll do better from now on.


a story to tell said...

I hear you. I've got a story due tomorrow, and I've yet to begin it! Thanks for the reminder, I'm going to be a good girl and get started as soon as I hit "post comment."

--Found you through K-Lo. :)

KLo said...

Deadlines are a necessary evil. I cannot accomplish much of anything without one, yet I drive myself crazy by not really starting anything until the deadline's approaching.

We writers are kind of a masochistic bunch, it sounds like : )