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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Listen To Your Own Advice, Dummy!

My last post was incredibly wise, though of course at the time I was too busy ranting to understand. One of the topics I talked about was patience, something I obviously need more practice at. The writer I talked about is an "opportunity" for me, and I should have recognized it as such before flying off the handle. Thankfully, I have a really good boss who is able to point out these things to me. He places alot of trust in my ability to help guide this person to better writing, something I now look forward to. I've heard it said that part of being an Aries is the fiery emotional state, and I am definitely here to tell you that this is true. I constantly have to keep an eye on my temper and not allow my emotions to get the best of me. I'm not out of control or anything, but sometimes I let little unimportant things irritate me when they shouldn't. As I try to tell myself often, things happen for a reason and I need to remember that.

As for writing, I sat down last night to draft some articles but unfortunately it was already so late that I decided not to write anything. I haven't moved my computer yet, so I only have my laptop and unfortunately that doesn't have my book on it. Note to self - keep book sync'd with both laptop and desktop. I am actually quite anxious to get back into my book, because I now have ideas floating amongst the grey matter that need to put be to paper.

The book I'm writing is about a homeless woman and a man who decides to help her. Sorry, thats all the hints I'm putting out there. But hopefully all my research into the subject will bear fruit eventually. I still have alot of story to tell, but at least I have a good idea of where generally it needs to go. Maybe later I'll post a section of the book in here, see if anyone is actually reading this stuff, and get some intro feedback. In any event, this adventure is interesting and I hope at the end to find that writing is something I can succeed at, because so far I like it alot.

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