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Friday, March 20, 2009

Keeping A Level Head

First off, I'd like to thank everyone who stops by to peruse these posts. While I've always been hoping that I'd garner a following of some sort, I did not have any grand illusions that it would be anytime soon.

One difficulty I have encountered however, is that everyone is so nice and encouraging. That may sound like something one would love to have, but I keep asking myself when I'm going to get a truly critical poster who rips my writing to shreds. I guess I keep expecting to hit the virtual wall with writing on it that says, "Hey Idiot, you're not really that good." Understand that I'm being slightly facetious of course, since I really do enjoy the fact that people are reading my writing and finding it to be of good quality. Its just that I am bracing myself to handle the first person who says, "Dude, you really need to take a second look at your writing. You have mistakes here, here, and here." Until that happens though, I guess I'm just going to glide along on the wave of good feelings I get when I hear comments from all of you.

On another note (something I have failed to mention), I have actually been able to write consistently for the last three days or so on my book. I can't say that its been thousands of words, but I have found time and impetus to sit down, break out the laptop, and continue my story. As I'm typing this, I have come up with an idea and I'd really like everyone's opinion on it. I am considering posting a small snippet of the book I'm working on. My reasons for doing so however would be: #1 - give you all a view into the story I am crafting, #2 - get opinions and more importantly, good critiques of how good or bad my writing is. There are a few followers here who are extremely good writers themselves, so their input would be really appreciated. Let me know what you think, and don't hold back. If ever there were a time I need honest feedback, this would be it.


Chad said...

Well I say to post it. The sooner the better actually. And then, I will gracefully rip it to the shreds that you desire and you will be too afraid to post your next piece. But you will do it anyway, because you will be proud of your improvement. Then, we will grow together. (Sort of joking about the harshness of it... then again, I agree with your philosophy of pure and healthy criticism. )

I look forward to seeing the snippet.

Fran said...

Just put up the snippet, Eric, and stop blathering about it.

Look, your question re queries - this blog could become your writing-bible. See "Queries" there.


And, yes. You do have to complete, rewrite, revise, edit (about 1,000 times, I figure) before you query.