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Sunday, March 8, 2009

Sources of Muse

Often enough we as writers find our inspiration in so many places. For me, it can be a song I hear or a movie I watch or a book I read. One thing I've noticed is how much I enjoy a narrated movie, because it reflects how I talk to myself while I put the words to a page. The similarity of this voice resonates with my own, and often enough it forces me to sit down and write a bit. This of course can't be too bad.

One source that has started to positively effect my writing though is blogs I follow. There are a few really good ones (I'm sure there are much more) that I enjoy reading, and when I read what these people are doing, it motivates me to get off my butt and write more myself. I still haven't found the pure source of my muse yet, and by that I mean I still am not constantly motivated to write. But I have a small flicker of a flame glowing within me that whispers to my soul, telling me I will find what I seek in time. Its difficult sometimes to deal with the lack of motivation I feel, but I try to keep my chin up and keep my eyes on that glow on the horizon. I know eventually I will reach my goal of being published, of having a book out there to be proud of. Until then, I will keep banging away at the keyboard, hoping I can overcome my own personal setbacks and habits.

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