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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Moving, Editing, Learning Patience...

One of the most fun things we can do in life is move from one place to another. It becomes especially interesting if you've lived in a house for eleven years, because then you have eleven years of "stuff" that you get to pack up. This is the latest adventure I have had to embark on, and it has been quite trying. Thankfully, I have had the time to go through things and toss out some of the "stuff" that is no longer necessary. But even sifting through old boxes and deciding what goes doesn't really cut down very much on what has to be moved. We really need to call ourselves packrats, because more often than not, we accumulate way more things than we can possibly need or use at any given moment in time.
In any event, the majority of moving is complete thankfully, and now I will be able to get back to the serious (and sometimes not so serious) task of writing again. My internet access is scheduled to be back up this afternoon (I am typing this quick post at work....SHHHHH), so this evening I can break out the laptop and work the muse once more. This of course brings me to the next topic for discussion.

If you cannot write, you should really refrain from doing so. Hopefully you get someone courageous enough to tell you that you do not have the skill (and if there is anyone out there that feels that way about my writing, please tell me immediately). I am an editor for a website called Brighthub.com, and this past month I had the "pleasure" of editing articles written by someone who appears to be "writing-challenged". Now a decent part of this may be that English is possibly not their native tongue. Okay, I can understand a few errors here and there because of a language barrier. If you are going to write for an English-speaking website however, that particular excuse really doesn't hold much water. I won't beat this dead horse too long, but its sufficient to say that having to take up a half hour to edit a single article that is only 300-700 words in length is almost too much to ask. Shoot me, stab me, poke me with hot needles in uncomfortable places; just don't force me to edit anything that poorly written ever again. This is my plea to the editing gods, wherever they may be.

Which brings me to the last topic, that of patience. This is something I have tried to dedicate myself to. In today's world, everything is rush rush rush. But as I've always believed, things happen in their own time and we just have to remember that when everything doesn't work out to our liking. We rarely know exactly what will happen with our lives, and we have to trust in God (or evolution, or chaos, or whatever other deity/focus you believe in) that things will work out as they are supposed to. Patience is definitely a virtue, even if its one of the hardest virtues to believe in.

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