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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Time to Write

Okay, I've been spending the morning going over all my fellow author's blogs. I put in comments where appropriate, but more than that, I like to get a sense from others what they're doing, how things are going within their own struggles towards publishing. One blogger I have just started reading has a goal of writing 1k words a day and even has two other authors also striving towards that goal. That number astounds me, but I'm sure that given time I could reach that goal as well. Good job Casey, keep it up. You're an inspiration to me, so don't stop.

So this afternoon I'm going to be working at getting a few pages down on virtual paper. If anyone has any good ideas on how they conform to a writing schedule, I'm all ears. Usually when I get started, I don't stop until the juices stop flowing. Its the whole getting started thing that still gives me a problem. But much like climbing the rock wall, I'm not going to let go just yet. Hmm, how come my posts keep sounding like a broken record. Damn that saying about teaching old dogs new tricks!

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KLo said...

I respect (and envy) anyone that can get on a writing schedule. My writing goes in cycles ... sometimes I'll stay up all night writing for days at a time and other times I'll have extensive dry spells. If you can figure out how to achieve a certain number of words a day, please be sure to share : ) Best of luck with your writing today :-)!!!!