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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Tyrian, Part 2

This is the continuation of a musing I started a while back. Comments are welcome, hope you enjoy the trip.

Stars and planets became streaks of light, eagerness propelling him forward at an incredible pace. Too bad they weren't right. Too bad their minor planet wasn't the center of the universe. Then maybe he wouldn't have to fly so far. Tyrian's wings of pearl were folded down his back now, his arms stretched forward like a superhero.

It had been eons since his last visit with the man. Well, man wasn't really an appropriate label, but there were no words to describe someone of his magnitude. It was quite humorous watching the man work though. For someone with so much power, he was laughably humble and eccentric. He'd heard the man speak of a life long since gone, when others like himself used to work together creating and discovering. The concept of multitudes like him was too difficult to imagine however. Of course, he'd once thought his race was immortal as well. That illusion had been smashed repeatedly. Shaking the dark thoughts from his mind, Tyrian flew on, wondering if he wasn't already too late.

The immense tower floated near the edge, the blackness of space a river continuing onward into darkness. Behind him were countless stars and planets, a multitude of projects. As Tyrian slowed, he saw matter coalesce within the curtain of night, forming a opalescent sphere. Well, at least the man was still alive. This must be his next project.

He paused at the door, wondering if he should knock. Impatience decided for him however, so he turned the handle and pushed. His muscles bulged with the effort, but he was able to force the huge stone door open with a grunt. The hallway echoed his sandaled footsteps, and balls of soft light appeared to each side.

"Hello?" Tyrian hated interrupting the man, but this was important. And he was one of the few who could show up uninvited. The man loved his seclusion, no matter that everything he created was about to go up in flames.

"Come on in, Tyrian. You know the way." The familiar voice was distracted as usual.

"Sir, I can see you're deeply involved in another project, but..." He was struck dumb, the sight leaving him speechless. The creature before him was not familiar at all, instead looking like an intricate formation of amber crystals. Were it not for the eyes, Tyrian would have thought he had stepped into a cave.

"Oh my, forgive me. I forgot about my appearance." Instantly, the gargantuan talking crystal was replaced by the familiar form of an wizened old man. He still towered over Tyrian, but the eyes were their usual shade of light blue. "I was imagining myself as a Kinan. Quite interesting, if I may say so myself. I think the race will do spendidly on their new world." The old man turned back towards a large table, an image of the new planet hovering over it.

Rather than ask who the Kinan were, Tyrian started over. "Sir, I need to talk to you about Lazun. You've been absent a really long time. He's bent on destroying everything, sir. Those who don't join his ranks are being murdered."

"Yes, yes. Lazun has been a problem for some time now. There's always one, I suppose. Such a bother too. Maart tried it with the Axems, Crynat almost obliterated the Nemor. The aftermath always requires so much cleanup." The old man turned, his wrinkled hands rotating another image this way and that.

Tyrian walked around the smooth marble slab, standing before his master. "He's going to destroy them, sir. Aren't they your favorites? They used to be all you could talk about." Fury overtook him as he slammed his hands on the table. "They deserve your attention!"

The old man looked his way, eyes full of sadness. A sigh escaped as his shoulders slumped a bit. "Tyrian, you came here looking for my intervention, but you already know the answer to that. Everything I've ever done has a purpose." He swept an arm out, indicating a row of small statues along the wall. "Each of these races have been challenged at one point or another. Some failed to use what was given them, and some survived." He turned back to Tyrian, placing a hand on each shoulder. "You are no different, my son. You were given the job of protecting them from things they are not ready to see or comprehend. You are there to silently guide them, just as they have their own things to take care of."

Releasing his charge, the old man started walking towards the massive staircase going up. Tyrian was shaking, his fury at the man's ambivalence barely held in check. "And what happens when we all die, sir?"

The man paused, looking over his shoulder with a sad smile. "Everything ends sometime Tyrian. Now if you'll excuse me, I have a new world to build." Tyrian gaped as the man strode up the stairs.

Let me know what you think. Like the rest of my musings, this is first draft stuff. And thank you for any comments.


Robyn said...

First draft stuff? It's very good, Eric. Beautifully written, I especially love the part that says, "some failed to use what was given them, and some survived." Made me think. :)

beth said...

Oooo great ending to this one! :)