A to Z Challenge 2013

Monday, July 20, 2009

Rebecca Is Leading The Pack

If you've been following along, I mentioned one of our fellow writers involved in the Ms UK Twitter contest. Rebecca was doing awesome before, but now she is on top. As responsible writers/publishers/agents/etc, we need to keep her there. Go here as often as you can and give her a vote. This woman has gone through the fire and come out on the other side reforged, so let's give her a reason to celebrate. If she wins, there will be much rejoicing everywhere in the literary community (or at least here in this little corner of the world). So please help out and thank you very much.


Rebecca Woodhead said...

Eric, you're such a star. Put a comment on the previous post you wrote about this - only just found it. Has been manic. Thousands of people sending mesages. Brain is addled. Can't believe I'm winning.

Thank you so much,

Rebecca x

Danyelle said...

You're a great friend. :D