A to Z Challenge 2013

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Searching For Zombies

I'm sure everyone is tired of this genre, but I need some assistance from all you well-read writers.  My son's 18th birthday is tomorrow and I would like to get him a book to read in addition to all the other non-literary stuff he wants.

Since he is a huge fan of zombies and the grim reaper, I was hoping one of you would know a decent book (that isn't a comic book) involving this subject matter.  He is already reading through The Walking Dead series of books, but I was hoping to provide him with something a little different.

If you know a great book involving either zombies or the grim reaper, please let me know in the comments.  I don't mind if it will be late getting here as it'll be a surprise for him anyway.


Matthew MacNish said...

Google "Zone One, by Colson Whitehead."

Or, go here: http://www.amazon.com/Zone-One-Novel-Colson-Whitehead/dp/0385528078

I haven't actually read it, but I want to, and all the buzz is great.

Amanda said...

If he hasn't already read it, I'd definitely recommend "World War Z" by Max Brooks. It's done in a psuedo-documentary style and is very well-written.

Roderick said...

I'd definitely second the recommendation of World War Z. If he hasn't read it, he will love it. I forced it on many of my friends, who are not zombie fans, and it was pretty much universally enjoyed.

marynoel said...

What about DEAD CITY, by Joe McKinney? I found it on accident in Borders a couple months back. It's a little exhausting, but in a good way--- in a zombie flick, there's a lot of action and cutaways. In this book, there aren't any breaks. It's relentless and desperate and the tension wears you out, really makes you think what it'd be like to live through a zombie invasion. (Read: Really, really horrible) The cover blurb calls it merciless--and it is.

On the much lighter side, DEARLY DEPARTED by Lia Habel just came out. Steampunk, zombie soldiers, and a feisty heroine who happens to fall for an undead soldier. (Maybe the love story would kill his interest? I don't know; I thought it was a fun read.)

((Confession: I never really got into World War Z.))

marynoel said...

Re: Grim Reapers... I'd put money on the Death Works trilogy by Trent Jamieson. Takes place in Australia (which for me added a refreshing twist, as I'm tired of things "always" happening in a major US city). Main character is a Pomp for the local Death branch. It's his job to help the passing of the dead and to banish the Stirrers who use the dead to cross over from their world... but of course it gets a lot more complicated than that. I tore through all three books as fast as I possibly could. I pushed the books off on several of my regulars and they loved them, too. :D

Eric said...

I didn't say thank you, and so for that I'm sorry. I bought Zone One and he loves it. Once he's done with it though, I will get him the rest one after the other. Thank you everyone for the advice and helpful book choices.