A to Z Challenge 2013

Monday, October 24, 2011

A New Writing Toy

My loving wife and kids bought me a Galaxy Tab for Father's Day and I initially had thought it would make a convenient way to write in bed (as opposed to lugging my laptop up here).  I picked up a bluetooth keyboard, but unfortunately it didn't work out too well.  Because it had to transmit the data wirelessly between keyboard and device, there was a huge slowdown in performance.  Since I'm not the most patient person in the world, that just wasn't going to work.

Today I received a new toy - a keyboard dock.  My Tab is now docked in this almost-full-size keyboard and I'm sitting here in bed typing this post.  No latency, no issues, just writing posts with ease.  It's not perfect of course, because I have to get used to the keyboard size.  But it's better than the alternative - not writing at all.

I plan on using this thing as often as possible.  In fact, after this post I will open up my WiP and get to work.  I can't tell everyone just how much fun it is to type on this thing.  And I get to sit here next to my wife as opposed to being down in the office.  Sure, there might be times when I need the distance to concentrate, but most of the time this will work.

At this point I'm going to get busy writing.  But what's the latest thing that's got you writing?


Windy Aphayrath said...

I think it's fab your wife is cool with you bringing it to bed. Husband's told me he prefers me working on stuff in bed while he watches tv or whatev, just so that we're at least together, even if we're focused on our own things. But it is definitely more comfy to work from the comfort of your bed than sitting at a desk! glad you found something that works :)

Eric said...

Thanks Windy. My wife is the same way in that she likes me there even if we're doing our own thing. And it is definitely more comfortable.

JL Stratton said...

Thanks for the post Eric. I've been considering something like this but was unsure whether I could actually write using a 'pad' device. Is is easy to transfer your work into your main document? does it save in rtf, doc, or some strange unfamiliar format? As you can read from my comment, I'm not the most techno-savvy of people.

Eric said...

JL - I actually use DocumentsToGo and am able to go back and forth between Office and DTG without any problems. As far as format, I haven't encountered any docs I couldn't open yet, though of course I usually am working with either RTFs or Docs. Don't worry, even the less-than-savvy should be able to use it easily. I'm loving it myself.