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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Facing My Fear

Despite my reservations at the latest Blog Chain post, I found I had a lot to think about.  One thing I've always tried to teach my sons is to not allow fear to paralyze them from doing anything.  And here I am being hypocritical about my own fear.  Specifically, my fear of putting my work out there (my real work, not the off-the-cuff stuff I toss up on this blog).

After all the advice in the comments (which I'm very thankful for everyone) from the last post, I gave it some serious thought.  I can't say I'm not afraid to take the plunge, but I need to get off the bench so-to-speak and get in the game.  I'm writing my stuff, but I do believe I'm at the point where an outside perspective can help me out.  So begins my search for some crit partners.

Goodbye fear.  I'm done listening to you.

Anyone else overcoming their fears lately?


DEZMOND said...

oh, fears are the worst! That's why we need others to boost our self confidence !

Sandra Ulbrich Almazan said...

Good luck, Eric!

Michelle Davidson Argyle said...

There are so many steps along the writing journey that require great courage. I'm happy you're finding yours!

Melissa Sugar said...

Hi, I am a new follower and it is great to meet you. I have the same fear and have posted about it often. I have just realized that it is time for me to find a crit partner and some beta readers as well. I am searching now.

I think we fear that our work will not be validated. I am beginning to understand that the fear is stiffling me. You know what we tell our children, that the outcome is usually less frightning than the anticipation and anxiety leading up to the event.It is time we take our own advice.

Good luck. I look forward to reading more.

Glynis said...

Go for it, Eric. Fear are the chains that bind us. I cut mine free four years ago. When I turned fifty I decided life was too short to hide away my work.

The support and feedback is fantastic out there. Good luck, Eric.