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Monday, August 22, 2011

Taking On Too Much

If anyone caught how many times I had to re-edit and re-post the last entry, you'll know what I mean when I say I'm taking on too much these days.  It's just a symptom of the problem, which is that I'm overburdened.  On my plate currently is two jobs (IT Support and article writing/editing), a Masters degree program, trying to become a proficient writer, and of course being a decent husband and father.  My wife has been ill for some time now, so takes a toll as well.  Oh, and putting up regular blog posts fits in there somewhere.

What I've finally admitted to myself is that I'm just taking on too much.  I had to sit down and think about my priorities because I recognize when I'm stressing out and that time is now.  Everything I'm involved in (the major things anyway) are all important.  They are all things I want to accomplish or be really good at.  But I'm a realist in some ways.  I can't do it all (at least right now).

I've decided to put my degree on hold and take a term break.  For me, the Masters degree is a means to an end;  I plan on using it to move on vocationally.  I do value what I'm learning and I'm proud of myself for working towards it, but when I think about what matters the most to me, the degree is at the bottom of the pile.  First and foremost, my family matters more than anything else.  I pride myself on the fact that I'm a damn good father and husband.  If I can say nothing else on my deathbed, I hope I'll always be able to say that.

Next in line is how well I do my job(s).  I'm good at what I do and since my paycheck has a lot to do with how we live, I have to keep being good at what I do.  I also take pride in doing a good job, and lately I haven't been too proud of the job I've been doing (particularly with regards to my editing job).  After my job, there's my writing in general.  I really haven't had the time (or appropriate mental stance) to write creatively for a long time now.  And it bothers me every day because I really do want to become a decent writer.

There are other less important things going on, but they all add up over time.  In the end, I've realized that something's gotta give and I've decided it's the degree program (for now).  I'm not quitting for good.  I'm just taking a breather so I can concentrate on what matters the most.  Keep your fingers crossed for me ;)


Summer Ross said...

I can understand how things get overwhelming. I'm sorry your degree has to go on the back burner- but we all have to make some kind of compromise right? I wish you the best of luck and taking care of your family first sounds like a good place to move forward.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Family comes first! And if they need you, that should be your focus.

Sandra Ulbrich Almazan said...

You can't do everything at the same time, so sometimes something has to give. Take care of your family, and I hope you make time for blogging occasionally so we can hear how you're doing.

Eric said...

Summer - Thank you. Yeah, things do tend to get overwhelming sometimes. I'm sure I'll survive this particular bump :)

Alex - Yep, that's always my most important thing. Thanks.

Sandra - You are right. And I won't be disappearing from blogging completely. I just have to make time for a few other things at the moment :) Thank you though.