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Monday, July 25, 2011

Yes, Comic Books Do Have Storylines!

This past weekend we went to see Captain America.  I won't spoil it for anyone other than to say that it was awesome and well worth seeing.  The funny thing though is that my wife found it boring.

I think the problem is one of assumptions and expectations.  I am willing to bet my wife was expecting more action and grandiose special effects.  I don't think she expected a well developed and nicely told storyline, which is one of the things I noticed and enjoyed most about this film.  So I'm guessing this is why it didn't match her expectations.

It got me to thinking about comic books and the assumptions some people make.  It's likely that a number of people don't consider storyline a necessary part of comics, and those of us who have read (yes I call it reading) them over the years know better.  I'm certain there were tons of amazed viewers when The Watchmen came out on the big screen, even though us fans knew how intricate and developed the story is.

Much like any book published, comics have detailed stories to tell and the authors/artists live and breathe their characters just like we do as we write our own stories.  It's nice to see that filmmakers are beginning to understand the necessity for a good story in addition to action scenes rather than trying to ignore that aspect of comics (or worse, they try to rewrite an already well-written storyline).

Do you enjoy good storylines in comic book movies or do you prefer them to just show the action?  Would you watch if they WERE just action-fests?


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Comic books and graphic novels need both a good storyline AND good artwork. I want my comic book movies to contain all the aspects of the source and appreciate one that gives me more than just action.
And Captain America rocked!

Cassie's Neighbor said...

Captain America was awesome. Seeing it in 3D was also gratifying, but wasn't necessary. Seeing it in 2D was just as good.
Graphics and storyline is really important, in my opinion. That's what brings the readers going on. But action is a a good add-on too.