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Monday, July 11, 2011

Typing On A Galaxy Tab

This should be interesting, and hopefully it doesn't come out as too untelligible.  I'm sitting at lunch and typing out this post using my Father's Day gift, a Tmobile Galaxy Tab.  For those who don't know, it's a 7" tablet with a bluetooth keyboard I bought for it.  It doesn't seem to aggravate my hand as much, probably because I'm one finger typing on this little keyboard.  It's not too rough though (or won't be after I get used to it).   One irritation though - it tends to repeat letters easily if you hit the keys too hard or off center.  And they mislabeled the keys where the double quote and @ symbol are, swapping the two around.  Weird.

In other news, I received Davin's book in the mail and am enjoying the short stories between homework assignments.  I also am hoping to use this tablet for writing, since the physical footprint is so much smaller and convenient than my laptop.  Not sure about my typing speed on it, but anything that gets me to write is a good thing.  Lastly, I hope to see the doctor about my hand maybe tomorrow.  I'm hoping for just physical therapy to get me back into shape.

That's enough for now (I'll put a link in for Davin's book later).  Hope everyone has a great rest of your Monday.

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