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Friday, May 20, 2011

Contest Results - Doh, I Forgot!

I just realized I was supposed to do this on Wednesday.  Doh!

Anyway, the contest I'm talking about is for those who commented on Christine Fonseca's guest post.  So many of you missed out on this one.  There weren't that many that stopped by (which is probably an indicator of my falling popularity LOL), so those of you who did had a great chance to win.  Without further ado, the winner of Christine's new book 101 Success Secrets For Gifted Kids is:

Patricia Stoltey

Congrats Patricia.  I'll get in touch with you and work out getting Christine's book to you.  And for all those who didn't enter, you're missing out.  I got a copy of Christine's book yesterday and though I've only read a little, I can tell you it's an awesome book.  If you've ever wanted to see how to do a non-fiction book right, this is a perfect example.


Christine Fonseca said...

Congrats to Patricia! And THANKS Eric...so are so sweet.

Eric said...

Christine - No prob. Always happy to help you out :)

DEZMOND said...

congrats to the lucky winner!

Patricia Stoltey said...

Thanks, Eric! Since I have a grand-niece and two grand-nephews that I consider gifted, this will be a great read for me and for the kids' parents. And seeing an example of well-written nonfiction can't hurt me either...never know when I might want to make the jump from fiction.

Patricia Stoltey said...

Did I forget to mention THANKS! for becoming my 300th blog follower? And my 300th was a Coloradoan too. That's a bonus.

Eric said...

Dez - Thanks. And thanks for stopping by :)

Patricia - I am so glad you can use the book, besides the fact that it's just a good book. And I'm really happy to help another Coloradoan get to her 300th follower. Woohoo! Congrats, big time!