A to Z Challenge 2013

Friday, April 22, 2011

A To Z - QUIET!!!!!!!

Over the years, one thing I've really come to enjoy is the moments of peace and quiet.  I really like things calm, and for writing there's nothing better than a lack of noise so that my mind can focus.  Not absolute silence, but a mostly quiet atmosphere.  I'm not a fan of loud noise in most situations actually.

Take the movies, for example.  One thing I hate these days is going to the movies and having my ear drums blasted with sound so loud that I feel like I'm at a rock concert.  People, if I wanted to go to a rock concert, I'd be there instead.  I guess the reason they do that though is because so many young people seem to blast their stereos as loud as they can, so maybe they can't really hear anymore.  And maybe the theater people are in that category.

You can't watch any car mod show without seeing them pack the trunk with as much bass power as possible.  They even revel in the fact that you can't talk to the person in the seat next to you if you crank it all the way up.  I don't think people understand just how bad their lives would be however, if they couldn't hear.

My father is a perfect example.  He was a career firefighter for 30 years and drove the trucks all the time.  Back when he first started, they really didn't wear hearing protection.  Even when it became more prevalent, he chose not to because...well, because he just didn't.  These days however, I see how much he struggles with the fact that his hearing is very poor and it irritates him.  He scoffs at the idea that he cares, but I can tell that he really wishes he had taken better care of his hearing.  I use his example as a teaching tool for my sons, and I'm really happy that they are aware of what can happen if you don't care for your hearing.

To bring things back to writing however, I often think about what I'd like my writing space to be if I could choose anything.  I envision a small desk or table (or even just something to hold my laptop on), sitting in a screened-in porch or deck.  In front of me would be a beautiful lake, a deep forest, or even a scenic desert view complete with cacti and plenty of sky.  Add some occasional wildlife to barely break up the silence and that would be my perfect writing space.  Sigh.  Someday maybe, when I can just sit and write all day long.

Do you prefer quiet when you're writing or do you like to be surrounded by a little more activity?


Keanan Brand said...

I work in a noisy environment -- not machines, but kids -- so I am grateful that I get to come home to a quiet house. However, there are times when I want music in the background -- no words, just the music -- and sometimes I'll let a movie play with the volume low. Sometimes, I'll go find a view that's not too distracting (I'm not a great people-watcher).

Lately, I've been reacquainting myself with the rock music that shaped my younger years, but have found that I prefer the volume several decibels lower than I did then. (laugh) Despite the noise, the music was actually inspiring.

Still, I'm writing this in the quiet of the living room, with only the hum of the refrigerator and the tick of the clock to interrupt the silence.

Eric said...

Keanan - I completely agree with you. I have some great instrumental music that helps inspire me alot. I do have to admit to crankin' the radio up just a bit when a particularly awesome song comes on, but most of the time I keep it normal.

Matt Conlon said...

When writing, or anything else really, I definitely prefer a scene completely devoid of anything human. No audible languge, no music, no cars, but sounds of nature.

I suppose I shouldn't say no music, but no songs... I like classical music, mostly tunes in minor keys.