A to Z Challenge 2013

Sunday, April 10, 2011

A To Z - Heat

This'll be a short post, mostly because I have a blog chain post coming up right after it.  As I struggled to find a topic for the letter H, for some reason my mind just stuck on Heat.  What can I say about Heat?  Well, for starters, it's something I consider absolutely essential in my life.  You see, although age is starting to put a few more pounds on my lanky frame, I'm still a fairly skinny guy.  And one of the downsides of not having a lot of body fat is not being able to retain much heat.  I wear socks almost all the time because my feet get ice cold (unless I'm standing on baking asphalt maybe).  I even wear them to sleep in.

If I had my choice, I'd be living somewhere in Arizona right now.  Where other people cringe at 90 degree weather, I figure the 90s are when it's just getting comfortable.  I've been known to proudly attribute this behavior to some kind of reptile genes in my DNA.  I'm quite envious of those alligators who get to sun themselves all day long.

My wife and kids however, do not share my love of extreme heat.   Quite a few years back, we were taking a trip to see my parents in southern Missouri.  We pulled into a hotel parking lot just over the border of Missouri, and when my wife stepped out of the truck, the heat and humidity hit her like a brick.  It was the 5th of July and summer was well into swing.  I was basking in this natural sauna while she was ready to pass out.  My parents met us there and the first thing my Dad says is that their air conditioning had died the day before.  The evil look from my wife said we were turning back towards home immediately.  After letting her worry a moment however, my Dad then admitted to getting it replaced asap.  Thanks a lot, Dad.   Like I needed any help getting into trouble with the wife.  We laugh about it now, though there's still an edge to her voice when my wife remembers.  I think had we really been stuck with no AC, she would have gone postal and killed us all.  And knowing how much they value AC down there, she probably would have gotten away with it.   Justifiable homicide.

I do admit to one moment when I don't like extreme heat.  That's when I'm riding my motorcycle.  You see, I believe in wearing all the right gear.  I wear long pants, boots, some kind of long sleeved shirt or jacket, leather gloves, and I always wear a helmet.  And when the pavement is baking under a balmy 90 degrees, that makes for some uncomfortable riding.  Or at least some very sweaty riding.  If I ever do move to Arizona, I may have to get new gear to help keep me cool.  Ironic, isn't it?

Well, time to get on with my blog chain post.  But as for all you readers out there, do you like things more on the hot side or do you prefer more snow?


Matt Conlon said...

I can't stand the heat, personally. I really quite hate it. I slept last night with the window open for the first time of the year, and it was very, very nice.

I do admit, when my daughter opened the door, and the wind was allowed to whip through, it was a little much. Not cold, but windy, was a bother.

Nah, gimmie 40 degrees anyway, I'll put on a sweater.

WindyA said...

I don't claim to love extreme heat, just that I like to be warm. However, my officemates will tell you that my space heater keeps my office at a nice balmy 85 degrees year round. I figure, I just have a higher body temperature so it needs to be warmer to keep me warm :)

As for humidity, though ... I'm from Utah. Moisture in the air makes me feel like I'm drowning.

DEZMOND said...

I'm a winter type, as soon as summer starts, I hide in my cave and don't go out till Autumn :)