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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Ten Word...Okay, A Lot of Words Tuesday

I was going to just put up my usual Ten Word Tuesday and I realized something.
  1. I'm 'bout out of words of wisdom that can fit in a Ten Word jar.
  2. Ten Word Tuesday is me being lazy lately, especially since my posts have been infrequent at best.
Most of all I realized I have scheduled some writing and blogging time, so I better dang well use it.  So hi all.  Didja miss me?  I've got a few things going on.  For one, I've adjusted pretty well to using this calendar and schedule.  I even worked on my homework yesterday evening without any heartache, even though I'd been off all day and could have called it "a day off" like I used to do.  It's amazing what a simple thing like organizing a schedule can do for me.

So here I am using my blogging time and listening to some great instrumental music:

If you've never heard Vangelis' music before, be careful because you might enjoy it.  Vangelis is all instrumental, but I love to jam this stuff in the background.  The album Direct is a must have IMHO.  Okay, it's from the 80's and maybe sounds like it's taken directly off Miami Vice or something (the television show, not the waste of time remake movie they did), but I like it.  Besides, it's from the same guy who created Chariots Of Fire.  How can you go wrong there?

In other news, my buddy Matt Conlon has started a new blog with a very interesting and useful purpose.  He would like it to be the go-to place if you want to know what writing challenges are out there (i.e. A to Z blogging challenge in April, NaNo in November, etc) and where all the blog chains are at.  It will be a one-stop-shop for all us budding and accomplished writers.  He does a much better job of stating things, so go here if you want to find out more.  The really cool part is that he has managed to get BlogMakeOver to help him launch things with a really cool look.  The new blog is called JoinSomething and I highly recommend everyone go check it out.  He already has a decent amount of content and it's only going to get better.

On the writing front, I've been editing my short story that is slowly becoming a regular length story.  The initial idea I had has increased bit by bit (both from my own ideas as well as feedback I received from others), so I'm doing what I can to expand it while keeping the same flavor.  I realized something however;  I have a visual image in my head of all the principal characters except one - my MC!  I mean, I have always had a rough idea of who he is, but I've never sat down and really thought hard about it.   So since I'm in the process of reinventing myself in so many other ways, I'm going to do my best to interview this guy and see if together we can help solidify him a bit more.

On that note, I'm going to drop off and see if I can't have a virtual chat with the fellow.  Have you ever had that happen though, where you write and write and then realize you don't know your characters as well as maybe you should?  Did you change how you do things or just flesh that character out?

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Matt Conlon said...

Thanks for the ping bro! Hoping everything starts flowing soon! :) The makeover still hasn't happened yet, so it's still kinda ugly...

That instrumental (and I'm glad you didn't call it a song... that's one of my pet peeves, for some reason!:D ) is very nice. I'll be checking out more of that stuff. :)