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Friday, June 4, 2010

I Cannot Tell A Lie...Or Can I?

I've been meaning to put up this post for some time now. Brian over at The New Author tagged me for this badge a while ago. Then Michelle Hickman tagged me with it recently as well. Since I consider them both to be very talented friends, I figure I better get around to joining the party. I owe them at least that much. The rules for this award are:

- thank the person who gave you the award
- copy the logo and place it on your blog
- link to the person who nominated you
- tell up to six outrageous lies about yourself and at least one outrageous truth, or vice-versa
- nominate seven "creative" writers
- post links to the blogs you nominate
- leave a comment on each blog letting them know they've won the award

Thanks go out to both Michelle and Brian. I know I'm a bit late, but I really do appreciate it. I've linked to them both. Now comes the fun part - deciding whether to write some serious whoppers or reveal a great deal about myself. You'll have to judge for yourself which is which.

1. While I was in Basic Training for the U.S. Army, I received an Article 15 (a form of discipline) for conspiracy to sell photographs from a Polaroid instant camera.

2. Ten of the most prominent DC and Marvel comic book characters are emblazoned across my chest in the form of tattoos, including Superman, the Hulk, and Wonder Woman.

3. During my adult life, I've worked in a multitude of occupations. The jobs have included an amateur race car driver, a professional bowler, a prominent musician, and even a costumed mascot.

4. The first girl I kissed set up a menage a trois for me with her best friend, in her bedroom, while her father sat in the next room watching television.

5. I am well-trained in nine martial art forms, including Wu Shu, Ninjitsu, Kempo, Aikido, and Jeet Kune Do. I've been a practicing martical artist since I was six.

6. My favorite snack is chocolate donuts and pickles. At the same time. I've been known to make a midnight trip to 7-11 when the craving strikes.

7. I once totalled a 1991 Geo Metro by jumping a 3 foot high median. Once my tires touched the pavement, I found myself facing oncoming traffic during rush hour. I scraped along the driver side of another compact car, played a quick game of chicken with the Maverick behind them, and finally slammed head on into a pickup truck. The front end of my car crumpled like a tin can and broke both my legs.

There you go, ladies and gents. Now you get to decide which of these are true and which are merely figments of my imagination. Good luck. And thanks once more to Michelle and Brian. This was really fun.

I'm going to take a cue from Michelle though and break the rules. Since this badge has made the rounds, I'm only going to pick three others to hoist this on.

Tim Riley had fun with the last time I picked on him. Guess what Tim, you're it again :)

Clarissa Draper is another new follower of mine, so she gets tagged as well.

Lastly, I'd like to hear from Julie Dao. She has a great blog, so I'm hoping she'll join in this fun too.

I can't wait to see who guesses right on this stuff. Let me hear about it in the comments. Tomorrow I'll put up a special post and let you all know what is what.


Michelle H. said...

That is such a great list! I think they're all true except for the tattoos. I can't picture ten of them slapped on your chest unless your chest is as big as the Incredible Hulk.

Christine Fonseca said...

I think the tat one is a lie...IDK, Maybe you are an ink fiend and we just don't know...Hmmm

Clarissa Draper said...

Thank you so much. I'll do the tag today.


Clarissa Draper said...

I agree with Christine, I think the tattoo one is a lie. But, who knows... you could really love comics.


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

I'm guessing #3 is the truth.