A to Z Challenge 2013

Monday, April 15, 2013


Maniacs might seem an odd word choice for a post on writing, but I'll explain a bit and things will become clearer.  When I'm writing, my favorite character to create is a maniac.  A truly diabolical, loathsome person that makes your skin crawl.  Call it my darker side, but it's completely true.

I enjoy the shiver that goes down my spine when a character freaks me out completely.  I like the uneasy feeling that goes along with the "what if" questions; what if this person really did exist?  If I can say the thought of that chills my blood, I've written something really worthwhile.

I can see many of you virtually backing away, bringing up the phone to dial 911.  Let me be clear in that I do not admire real maniacs.   I'm not some closet killer waiting on the right opportunity.  I just enjoy writing dark characters and I like the challenge of creating a maniacal persona that readers will remember long after putting the story down.  They may not want to sit next to the person on a bus, but they can enjoy the uneasy feeling such a character evokes.

How do you feel about truly evil characters?  What's your favorite fictional maniac?

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Bob Milne said...

Writing a maniac really allows you to let loose and have fun, doesn't it? It's almost a cathartic experience, allowing your dark side free reign under the protection of "It's just fiction - don't worry!".