A to Z Challenge 2013

Thursday, April 11, 2013


Ideas are where a writer's stories begin.  For example, I can be taking a shower, waking up from a vivid dream, or just letting my mind wander at my day job.  Wait, that last one doesn't really happen.  I promise.

One of the interesting things about writers is the fact that we can find ideas from just about anything or anywhere.  The guy buying a coffee at Starbucks who coughs a lot.  Is he fighting a deadly disease?  Why does he like caramel in his latte (I actually have no idea if they put caramel in latte, forgive me all you coffee lovers)?  These are the types of questions we may ask ourselves as we watch the people around us.

From these potential characters we build a story, each new idea fueling the creation of more ideas.  We see an abandoned warehouse and suddenly our characters are hiding out from the law, watching as the flashing blues and reds slide across the back wall through grimy windows.  Now we have a main character, a potentially compelling location, and the start of a good story.

Our creativity allows us to use ideas, but it also allows us to come up with ideas where others may see nothing interesting.   One could almost say we're positive thinkers, seeing possibilities in just about any situation.  Bet you never thought about it that way, huh?  It's true though; for all the times we are overly critical of our own writing, that initial belief in the potential of a story can be enough to carry us through to the end.

How often do you come up with new ideas?  Do you take notes of your ideas for future reference?


Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Eric .. I think I must be an idea junkie!! I have to switch off ... I see something in an article, on tv, or hear on the radio .. or pick a snippet up from somewhere -and I hang on to it - before I perhaps eventually post about it - I have lots and lots of those around awaiting their turn on the blog!

Definitely the idea must be able to be of interest to others ...

Cheers Hilary

Eric said...

Hilary - That's pretty cool. I have my moments where I have lots of ideas and then there are dry deserts of nothingness :)