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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Time To Start Over

After an extremely long absence, I'm returning to the world of writing.  I'm pretty happy to be doing so.   I've missed all the fun, I've missed all the people, and most of all I've missed writing.  After being away this long (without writing anything whatsoever), I feel like I'm starting over from scratch.  This isn't necessarily a bad thing though.

While I was off doing other things, the craft of writing still found its way into my head at various moments.  I thought a great deal about what'd I'd done, and more often than not my thoughts were on what I've done wrong.  As I now embark on this journey again, I've made some decisions to be at least a little more formalized in my writing.  I plan on figuring out a process that works for me and setting some concrete goals, like publishing a short story maybe.  I'm still working it out but my desire to be successful as a writer is burning brighter than it ever has before.

I also have to say just how much I've missed being part of the writer community.  I miss all the fun stuff I used to be a part of, and more importantly I miss chatting with and learning from all you talented writers.  Since I'm usually fairly anti-social, it actual surprised me how much I miss you guys.  It's out of character for me, but I look forward to getting caught up and staying up-to-date on what everyone is doing.

I'm back and I hope everyone who used to stop by will return once more.  I plan on being even more invigorated than ever before, and I also hope to make some great strides in my writing ability.  Look for me on your pages and (someday) on some literary front.  I think the next year will be a good one :)


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Welcome back, Eric!! I know I would miss this community if I was gone for long.

Eric said...

Thanks Alex. I'm glad to be back :)

Michelle McLean said...

we missed you too :) Glad to see you back! Now get writing ;)

Unknown said...
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Eric said...

Aww, thanks Michelle. It feels great to be back in the mix!

Joseph said...


Welcome back to the fold. When are we going to be reading some samples? I would like to know more about your "stuff."


Eric said...

Thanks Joe. I will make a point to put something up tomorrow, just based on your request :)