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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Blog Chain - Searching For The Right Place

I'm a day late, but it's Blog Chain time. This round is brought to us by the talented Tere, who asks:

What conditions do you need to get your writing done? Closed door, crowded coffee house? Computer or notebook? Can you just sit down to write, or do you need to wait for time to be right?

For me, it isn't about peace and quiet as much as it's about focus. I have no problem listening to music while I write or even in absolute silence. But if my train of thought gets interrupted by a distraction or two, it takes some time for me to get back on track. In a household of two rowdy boys and one spouse, I usually have to make an announcement of sorts:


Once I do that, I generally get the undisturbed focus time I need. I then disappear to my bedroom or office and get to work.

As far as what tool I use, it's gotta be on my laptop or tablet. Writing by hand just doesn't work since my handwriting is atrocious and I usually become self-conscious about my handwriting AND the writing itself. The other problem is when I try to write by hand, my mind works faster than my pencil on the paper, making me start and stop over and over. I read back over what I've written and more often than not, I've skipped words or whole ideas. When I'm typing, my fingers more adequately keep pace with my thoughts. With all this in mind, I'm much better off using electronic tools.

There have been times in the past when I could just sit down and start writing, but of late I've had more and more difficulty. In fact, anymore I really have to be in the mood or be feeling that urge to crank out something useful. I'm not sure what the problem is, but at least I haven't completely thrown in the towel. As long as that's the case, it's good enough.

If you haven't had a chance to see Michelle Hickman's incredible response, you should head on over there. And PK's take on the subject is already up for your reading pleasure. Before you go however, how would you answer this awesome question?


Michelle H. said...

Awesome post. Wish I could just say the words and sit and write. Sometimes I wonder, because my work involves writing, it saps more at the creative juices and it affects my creative side. Time will tell, I guess.

Matthew MacNish said...

I'm similar. It's all about the mindset.