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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Contest Results And A Brief Hiatus

The results are in and I'm assuming by the lack of entrants that everyone else already has a copy of Beth Revis' awesome book Across The Universe.  There were a few people who commented however, so they were lucky enough to be in the drawing.  Without further ado, the winner is:

Davin Malasarn

Congrats Davin.  Send me an email with the details so I can get this wonderful book out to you asap.  For those unfamiliar with Davin (aka Domey), he is one of three incredibly talented writers over at The Literary Lab.  Davin's book The Wild Grass is newly available on Amazon and I highly recommend everyone get a copy of it today.

I also want to let everyone know that Da Muse will be going dark for a couple weeks while I go on vacation.  I'm hopping on a jet with family in tow to sunny Florida where we will indulge in some deep sea fishing, a jaunt to Kennedy Space Center, and many fun-filled days in Disneyworld.  Oh, and did I mention the best part of this trip?  I actually have the opportunity to meet one of my fellow blog chainers, the awesome Shaun Hutchinson.  That's right, Shaun lives down there and hopefully we'll get to meet up for lunch or whatever.  While hanging out with Mickey is great and all, I have to admit that finally meeting Shaun in the flesh is probably going to be the highlight of my trip.  I'm a HUGE fan of his book The Deathday Letter (so is my son, actually), and Shaun is an awesome guy.

I probably will still lurk around various blogs while I'm on vacation (because I do enjoy reading everyone's stuff), but I won't be posting anything new until I get back on the 22nd.  Don't abandon ship on me, I promise I will return - unless I win the multi-million dollar Lotto or something.

For anyone who's been to Disneyworld recently (or Orlando for that matter), any tips or sights I should know about?  Take care everyone.  I'll see you when I get back.


Michelle H. said...

Congrats to Dave!

Have fun on vacation. Sounds like you have quite a fun-filled schedule. Get something autographed from Shaun.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Congratulations to David and enjoy your trip to Florida!

Matthew MacNish said...

Congrats, David!

Eric said...

LOL, it's Davin everyone. No, I didn't mistype that. But thank you anyway :)

Domey Malasarn said...

Yay for me! Thanks a lot for this, Eric. I already have a copy, but I'll enjoy the chance to pass this on to another reader friend of mine.

Ah, my name.

Cassie's Neighbor said...

Congrats to David/Davin! I'll try getting a copy much later on the new bookstore that opened a few blocks away (I hope it'll be available there). Who knows, I might turn into a fan.

Shannon Lawrence said...

Congratulations to Davin!

On Disney World, I was just there a month ago and my mind went blank when you asked for pointers. There are apps you can get if you have a smart phone that will tell you ride wait times and such, so those are worth looking into. We used it frequently to figure out what ride to head to next, what ride was picking up fast, etc. Also, Splash Mountain and Big Thunder Railroad (or whatever that one is called) have the longest waits, so those are the ones a fast pass is recommended for. Star Tours would be that ride at Hollywood Studios if you go there. It's recommended you go to those rides first thing, grab your fast passes and head elsewhere until your FP time. The Toy Story ride was also a FP recommended ride. Hope this helps; have fun!

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