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Sunday, November 1, 2009

NaNo Opening Day

Well, although I didn't began at midnight like so many others may have, I did begin the challenge today. I also didn't do as much planning for this beginning as I had thought I would, but it didn't seem to slow me down much either. And despite the angry yelling of my internal editor, I kept him at bay throughout. So I bet everyone's wondering what my first day word count is? Hold on to your butts! I managed to crank out just a hair over 2900 words (2910 to be exact). Yeah, wow huh? I actually didn't stop until I had the first chapter complete. I already know I will have alot of editing to do when all is said and done, but I'm trying to keep that thought hidden for this month.

I am amazed that I was able to get that much done. I just kept on plodding along though, not allowing myself to think and instead just letting the tale flow out word by word. Astoundingly enough, the words kept on coming despite my internal editor screaming at me to go back and correct this passage or fix this sentence. Okay, to be honest I did do a few word corrections here and there. But I managed for the most part to just let things be what they are.

So day one is done, I've gotten the beginning going, and now I just have to sit down and plan out what Chapter Two is going to be about. I'm really excited about this though, and I hope I can keep up this momentum throughout the month. Can you imagine if I did? Wow.

On another positive note, I turned in my Capstone paper yesterday morning and I got the grade back after a few hours. The grading scale is from 1 - 4, with 3 being passing and 4 exceptional. For my 35+ page project detailing how to install a network in a hypothetical dentist office, I got a 4 out of 4! Woohooo, oh yeah! I have been on cloud nine ever since reading the results. Now I have only one more test to pass and I am done. Unfortunately it is one of the hardest certification exams Microsoft has for us network guys, but I am hoping I will be able to pass it successfully before the month is out.

Do I have too much on my plate this month? Probably. But I'm determined to both pass this test AND win NaNo. If this isn't the hardest month I'll ever have to do, I don't know what is. But hey, if I survive and achieve both things, imagine how much celebrating I'll have to do.

Okay all you other NaNo participants out there, let us all know how you did. Was it easy? Was it fun? How was your first day? Stay tuned tomorrow, where hopefully I'll be able to have another great day.


The Screaming Guppy said...
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The Screaming Guppy said...

Last year that was the biggest thing I got out of NaNo: learning that putting your butt in the seat and just WRITING yields amazing things.

Lost Wanderer said...

Good work Eric. I have found that planning in advance is a very subjective thing. For some people too much planning ruins the experience, for others - like me - it makes the whole thing easier and less stressful.

I am aiming for a full first draft rather than 50K, so I need to manage my word count based on that. Work days will be busy, but really hoping to make up for that in weekends.

WindyA said...

Great job on the Capstone project ... and woohoo on the progress on Nano!

ElanaJ said...

Way to go, Eric! That's a lotta words my friend. Congrats!

Icy said...

I managed to squeeze out about 3,000 words, but it's mostly 3,000 words of turgid nonsense. Still, I'm just sitting writing - I won't have anything to rewrite if I don't write in the first place!

Good luck with it though - you're off to a cracking start!

Glynis said...

Well done on your grade 4!
Good luck with NaNo, I was tempted but am concentrating on my WIP (shared some of it on my author blog). I need to focus and rebalance my writing life before I embark on a challenge such as NaNo.
Again, Good luck.

Galen Kindley--Author said...

Great job, Eric. It IS hard to not edit as you go, at least it is for me. One key is for me to not re-read. That is, I don’t so much notice the mistakes or holes as I’m typing, but, if I re-read, ugh. Every error, of every type stands out. And believe me, I can make every type of error.
Oh, and congratulations on your grade. Nice work there for sure.
Best Regards, Galen

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Lindsey Himmler said...

Thanks for coming by my site! Glad you had a first day...I'm thinking I may have to scramble on the weekend just to catch up!