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Friday, November 6, 2009

A Couple Reasons To Celebrate

I meant to put up a post yesterday, but of course by the time I got done writing on my NaNo, I was too tired to think straight. This post is going to be very short as well.

If you haven't stopped by The Literary Lab today, hustle on over. Scott (who is on vacation no less) posted a really awesome discussion concerning First Acts. This is in reference to the previous discussion revolving around writing with a beginning, middle, and ending act in mind for our writing projects. It's very well thought out, and I found some useful gold nuggets among his words.

So far, I've only missed one day in NaNo where I did not get a chance to write (Tuesday), but I made up for it the following day. Well, today is going to be another such occurrence. My wife and I are celebrating our 17th wedding anniversary today, so needless to say there will be no NaNo work this evening. Yes, she is understanding and says she wouldn't care if I did. But I'm not such a thickheaded knuckledragger that I'd truly believe that. It's a special day, and if that means I have to write twice as much tomorrow, so be it.

Lastly, I'm happy to say that as of last night, two things have happened - I passed 11K words, and I am just about ready to plunge headlong into the "middle section" of my story. Scott, wherever you are in vacationland, keep your fingers crossed for me. I may need all the inspiration and help I can get.

For all the rest of you out there slaving away on NaNo, on RevisMo (good luck Guppster and The Intern), or just on your regular ol' WiP's, good luck to you and may your pens drip eloquent words on the page like golden honey sparkling in the morning sun. Okay, maybe a little overdone, but it's my blog so there! :P


WindyA said...

Congrats on the 17 years! Wow!!

And as for skipping a day, you know, life's like that! You gotta prioritize! Nano will still be there and waiting for you tomorrow ;D

B.J. Anderson said...

Yay, congrats!!! :D

christine said...

great job!!! I am SO BEHIND on NaNo...we'll see what happens this year. I have the NF projects and revisions I HAVE to get done...so they come first

Lady Glamis said...

Good luck on all of your writing today, Eric! I'm not doing NaNo, more like NaNoEditMo. Congrats on your anniversary. 17 years is 10 years on top of mine! Great job!

Dave to You said...

Hey Eric..I saw you over there at Lost Wander's place. Thought I'd say hi here. I'm Dave to You at the NaNo site and my home region is Durango although that is still a hundred miles from where I am. Anyhow....keep going man. This is cool. Glad I stumbled on to the NaNo thing!!!

Lost Wanderer said...

Congratulations on your 17th anniversary. That's so wonderful.

And you are one smart man who has figured it out that skipping anniversary celebration is not a good idea ;)

Icy Roses said...

Oh, congratulations on your anniversary! I think my parents just had that one. No, wait, I think they're at 19. 20? I'm such a good daughter.

Looks like you're doing good with NaNo. Keep us updated!