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Friday, June 19, 2009

Poll Results

Well, the results are in and evidently I have a bunch of followers who enjoy healthy discussions. Book reviews and author interviews took a beating, so I'll try not to offer up too many of those. I make no apologies however, for my enjoyable review of Hotel and the subsequent interview of the author. That was a fun time, and once Jamie cranks out another one, you'll have to bear with me doing it again. Yes, I'm that big a fan. No Jamie, I won't start cyber-stalking.

Interestingly enough, although some of you like my musings, it wasn't overwhelming. I'm not sure whether that means they suck or they're just not capturing everyone's attention. Either way, you'll just have to suck it up and deal with 'em. This is the one place I can let my muse run wild, and if I try to cage up that monkey, he's liable to slap me around.

Thank you to those who put in an opinion. The feedback is helpful, if for nothing else than to know how I'm doing.

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Dave King said...

Bit of a bummer that, I was planning to do more book reviews in the future than in the past. I agree with you that caging the muse is just not on!!! Hope you find a resolution. Hope I do!