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Monday, May 18, 2009

Contest News

Joyce over at The Novice Novelist is holding a contest to celebrate her expanding cult following. Since I enjoy her stuff, I thought I'd put in a good word for her. Yes, it does enter me into her contest (once I go comment on her page), but I think it's always good to support other blogs. After all, so many of you have supported me through all my ramblings, so it's time to give back. Take a trip over to her blog and check things out. I'm sure you'll find she has some interesting things for you to read, as well as this celebratory contest.


Karen Amanda Hooper said...

See, massively small worlds lead us to discover new blog friends. :) Thanks for the compliments on my blog. I'm still new to this scene but I'm loving all the new people I've met.

Eric said...

You're quite right, Karen. You're also very welcome.

Cindy said...

Lol, I TOLD her that many people qualifies as a cult. :) I am trying to remember to put my post as well to enter the contest.

Warren Baldwin said...

I appreciate the links you provide to other good sites about writing. I've run a couple of them and they are helpful. You have a good site here I want to follow.

My post for yesterday and today is on Why we Read and Write. I'd like to invite you to pop over there and participate if you have time.

Thanks. wb