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Monday, February 23, 2009

Monday's Blues

For some reason, Monday always seems to hold a great deal of dread for people. This morning, I am in a mood that aims to pull me down as well, because there just isn't enough sunshine coming into this fabric-walled prison known as my cubicle. So what can you do to keep from reaching for the virtual or literal hangman's noose?

Thanks to this new endeavor of writing, I've found it useful to let my mind just wander and imagine what I'd rather be doing if I had nothing but time and vast monetary resources (or at least enough to live comfortably on). What I find funny however, is that my tastes are really quite provincial. Given the opportunity to have "everything", I'd be quite satisfied to just have a roof over my family's head, money to buy a game or two from time to time, and lots of time to spend with my wife and boys. Oh, and I would really like to be somewhere warmer. Summertime in Colorado is really nice, but I've come to the conclusion over the last couple years that winter and cold is really not my thing.

I cannot fail to mention that I'd of course like to have a really nice sunroom with a desk and a laptop, with a spectacular view of just about any scene of nature. I enjoy the mountains here in Colorado, but I wouldn't gripe at viewing the plateaus of the Arizona desert or the blue waves of the Pacific. Just about any environment in the world has some breathtaking vistas, and I'm not that choosy (especially if I don't have to worry about how to pay for it). That way I could just kick up my feet, write at whatever pace my hands decided to type at, and occasionally look up to inspire myself with the beauty outdoors.

Well, enough of being lost in the clouds above the dark shroud known as Monday. Guess I better hunker down, wrap myself up in a blanket of dreams, and weather the storm. Hope you are able to manage as well yourself.

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