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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

I'm Back...sort of

In case nobody noticed, I've been unplugged from the writing/blogging world for over a month.  Part of the time was deliberate (when I was on vacation during the latter half of May), but the rest of the time is just unintended absence.

I am very close to finishing up my degree (seven classes) and this has taken up the majority of my time lately.  The papers are difficult to write, but this only makes me want to get it done quicker.  Add to this the fact that I find myself fairly well uninspired (well, other than brief creative moments) and you can see why I haven't been writing much.

I do think it's time I get back on the ball though and at least devote a little energy to this arena.  For one thing, it's a nice diversion from everything else.  I also don't want to stay in a rut of uninspired lethargy.  That's where I was before I began this blog and I don't want to go back there.  So expect to see at least three entries a week.  I'm still deciding what form they will take, but I have commited myself to at least that much.

On a final note, it is with profound sadness that I take a moment to think about the impact of Ray Bradbury.  His passing is the end of an era.  His stories propelled me towards a love of sci-fi (The Martian Chronicles) and I hope his legacy continues to inspire future generations to read and imagine.  He had a great run though, and his effect on writers and readers around the globe has been huge.

Now its time to play catchup on all of those blogs I haven't read in too long.  You may not see me, but know that I'm lurking in the webz somewhere.  Yep, I'm stalking your blogs, waiting to pounce with a meaningful comment.  Feel free to return the favor :)


M Pax said...

I heard about Ray today. Made me very sad, too. He had a big impact on my writing.

Best on finishing up your degree.

DEZMOND said...

proud of you for doing the degree!
I'd love a huge vacation too :) but none on the horizon.....