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Friday, September 30, 2011

Stephen King And Vampire Pirates

Did that title catch your attention? In case you haven't heard, evidently Stephen King has been working on a sequel to The Shining. He's taking the little boy and telling the tale of where this guy is at age 40. And for some reason, he's decided the story includes vampire pirates who live together in a group called The Tribe, led by a woman named Rose The Hat. I'm not making this stuff up people.

Y'know, I'm one of the biggest fans of Stephen King's work. I've read just about everything he's ever put out (including all the Richard Bachman tales). One thing I noticed with his novel Under The Dome however, is that King seems to be tired of writing. The completely implausible ending to that book left me with that impression, that he'd written a long story and got tired of writing it so he just ended things. It was really a tragedy, considering how well developed the story was up to that point.

News like this continues to support the idea that King is bored. He's just throwing out whatever will stick to the wall at this point, knowing that so many people will buy it because that's what we do with Stephen King's works. That might sound terrible perhaps (especially considering that he's the multi-million bestselling author and I'm unpublished LOL), but it's because I'm trying to wrap my head around why a guy that has given us The Stand would ruin what is arguably one of his best books with a vampire pirate-filled sequel.

Am I being overly critical here? Or am I misreading this as some profound joke King is playing on us all?


Matthew MacNish said...

I'm thinking he could probably make it work. Then again, I haven't read King in about a decade.

Michelle H. said...

So... he's taking "Twilight" and "Pirates of the Caribbean" and placing them together into a novel hoping the two hottest trends will push him into selling a book that he doesn't have in his heart to write. Is he trying to make a statement about something?

Windy Aphayrath said...

I'm sad two-fold by this. Firstly, that he's reached the point where he's tired of writing and not giving himself an opportunity for a break to fall back in love with what he does (because we all know he has enough clout that he could say "I need a break" and really, who's going to stop him?) ... and secondly that he's just decided that he'll just make crap up ... mind you, I realize as writers we're all just sort of making crap up, but that being said, it should be plausible right? There should be some suspension of disbelief and realism that sucks us into these make believe worlds right? But really, it doesn't matter what garbage he writes now, I think. He has such a strong commercial following, people will buy his books anyway. Vampire pirates and all.