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Monday, September 27, 2010

How Can You Tell You're A Fan?

First off I'd like to say a big thanks to Elana Johnson.  Being a part of The Great Blogging Experiment was fun and I got a ton of people stopping by to comment, so that was also awesome.  Count me in anytime, Elana.

If you haven't been a longtime follower (and welcome to all of you who recently joined), I'm a huge fan of Jamie Ford.  Ever since I picked up his debut novel Hotel On The Corner Of Bitter And Sweet, I've been following his blog, keeping track of what he's up to, waiting anxiously for his next book to come out.  I had the honor of actually interviewing him a while back and found out what a cool guy he is, good writing aside.

I missed the opportunity to get my copy signed when Jamie came through Denver, and I've been kicking myself ever since.  You can imagine my excitement then, when I read he's coming through once more on Nov 6th.  I double and triple checked his schedule to make sure I wasn't reading it wrong, but he is set to be at One Book Broomfield in Broomfield, Co (a burb on the outskirts of Denver).  He's hosting a Writer's Workshop (which hopefully I can manage to attend) and a author talk/book signing that evening.  I WILL be at one or the other.

Oh damn.  Then I remembered something very important.  Nov 6th is my wedding anniversary.  Yep, 18 years ago I asked (surprisingly I didn't have to beg) and she said yes and we're still happily together.  So my wife and I were laying in bed watching TV and I casually slipped it into conversation.

"Hey hon, I need to ask you a huge favor.  And feel free to tell me if you'd rather I didn't go.  Jamie Ford is having a book signing in Broomfield.   You remember, that awesome author I interviewed a while back?  It's on our anniversary hon, but it's the only time he's going to be here."

(Smile lovingly and hold my breath)

I got it all out in one quick breath rather than give her tons of time to think it through.  I mean, it's our anniversary.  I could see her calculating just how important it was to her.  Her eyebrow raised, and I'm sure she was deciding how hard it'd be to get me committed.  Or killed.  Finally she said,

"Well, since it's not our 20th, I suppose you can go.  As long as it's not all day long.  And you better have a really large diamond prepared for my finger when the 20th does come around."

I nodded like an eager puppy.  Anything you say, baby!  Yeah, my wife loves diamonds and I do my best to keep her happy with 'em.  It's easier than trying to afford the cherry red Corvette she'd rather have.

How can you tell if you're a true fan of an author?  When you're willing to risk life and limb from a spouse to attend a signing.  Yep, I guess I am that big a fan.  Anyone else done something similar to see their favorite author?


Angela said...

I know I'm a fan when I spend too much on their books.

Eric said...

Angela - Ain't it the truth!

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

You're lucky she said yes!
And the experiement was a big success. Remind me not to host/co-host two blogfests in one week again though.

Christine Fonseca said...

haha! Yeah, so darn true! Thank goodness for understanding spouses and equally book crazed kids!

Elyssa said...

Awwww, what a sweet wife! But YES! I know exactly how you feel! I spend way too much money on my favorite authors...way too much.

Sherrinda said...

Ack! My daughter got on my computer and I didn't realize I was commenting under her name. Anyway...Elyssa is really ME...Sherrinda. Sorry about that.

Elana Johnson said...

I know I'm a fan when I'll do anything to get my hands on their next book, and when I see they're coming to town, I clear my schedule.

And happy almost anniversary. And I'll be in Denver next week for like, 5 days. Is the weather good right now??

Jamie Ford said...

Thanks for risking life and limb! Hopefully you can make it to the workshop and then have the evening free, but if you choose the later gig, I'll definitely make sure you'll get to be at the FRONT of the line so we can get you out of there and back to your anniversary in a timely fashion. :)

Eric said...

Alex - Gee, what are you trying to say about me? :)

Christine - Yes indeed. Without understanding spouses, it's doubtful most of us could continue our journey.

Sherrinda - LOL, no problem. Thanks for stopping by.

Elana - Hey, if you're coming here and find yourself with nothing to do, feel free to say hi. And yes, the weather is pretty nice still. The mornings are getting chilly, but it's still nice and hot by midday.

Jamie - WOOOHOOOO! I got a comment from the man himself. Dude, I'm going to tattoo this comment on my forearm. Okay, just kidding (maybe). Look forward to meeting you Jamie!

Shaun Hutchinson said...

I know I'm a fan when I find myself finishing a book and then running out to find anything and everything else they've written. You know, I keep hearing great stuff about that book. I'm going to have to buy it now.