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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The Bad And Good...Yep, I've Had Both Lately

I've been noticeably absent, but I do have a note from my mom. Okay, maybe not, but here's whats been happening in my world lately. I got an eye infection last Thursday (through my own stupidity which I will not describe here), and just as I was starting to feel better, my youngest son came down with a nasty cold. In true parent-child fashion, he gave it to me and my wife. So I'm just about over my eye infection, but I'm still not completely over my cold.

Oh well.

On a good note, I passed my second technical writing paper with a 3.92 out of 4. I didn't think it was truly ready when I turned it in, but I figured I could fix whatever was wrong from the feedback the graders provide. So yes, I was quite ecstatic. Now I have only one more paper to finish and then I'll finally be done with all this technical writing *#$*%!

Oops, ignore that. I didn't cuss. I promise.

I have also signed up for NaNaWriMo this year, and I already have a somewhat defined story idea to run with. I plan on doing some concrete outlining prior to Nov 1, which I think will really help me in the long run. For those who don't know what this event is (who doesn't know about it? raise your hands...), NaNoWriMo stands for National Novel Writing Month. During the month of November, writers are challenged to achieve 50K words in just 30 days. That's over 1600 words a day for all you math majors out there. It's tough, but I think I can do it (especially with a little up-front preparation). I wasn't ready for it last year, but I think I'm ready now. Mentally, I think I'm ready for it.

I was very recently in a book store looking for something new to read, and I saw an old sci-fi series by Melanie Rawn that I had read once before. It occurred to me that (in my mind) the series had never been really finished. This got me to thinking of course, which isn't always a good thing. I really enjoyed the series (and I'm sorry but medicine head is keeping me from remembering the name of that particular series), but there was only two books in it and at the end of the second book, there were unanswered questions and unfinished storylines. It really irritated me (as I stood there in front of the shelf) that the "story" wasn't complete.

Now don't get me wrong. I'm not the type to sit there and wonder if the hero and the girl finally end up married, do they have 10 kids, do they live to a ripe old age. I'm not talking about that type of nonsensical continuation of the story. But in general terms, shouldn't most stories have a somewhat complete and final ending? Where you get to the end and say "oh okay. That's the end." You shouldn't have lingering questions about major plots and integral characters. Is this just me? I hope not.

Anyway, while I don't read series books or trilogies exclusively, I do enjoy them and I am dismayed that this particular one has never been finished (to my knowledge). I picked up a new book from an author I haven't read before (sorry, medicine head still, can't remember title or author at the moment) which I will review here once I'm done. It's an interesting story involving assassins, and for some reason, I just love reading about assassins. I suppose that's rather morbid, but it's not because I like death or killing necessarily. I just like the idea of people who can sneak in and out like a ghost, undetected and powerful. It's probably because I'm as clumsy as they come. Okay, maybe not that bad, but definitely not ninja-caliber.

So that's the news and tidings from my world. Keep your fingers crossed for me in November. I will make updates here as to my progress as often as possible. Maybe I'll even figure out how to get one of those word progress thingies on my blog.


Travis Erwin said...

I'd like to finish the first draft of my WIP in November but I doubt that i will.

Michelle H. said...

Sorry to hear about the sicknesses in your family. I haven't done Nanowrimo yet. Good luck! Fingers and toes are all crossed for you!

Jamie D. said...

Congrats on being *so close* to done with the tech. writing! And I hope you get over your cold soon...bummer.

You should post your NaNo username - I'm sure plenty of us would be more than happy to "buddy up" with you on the main site this year. Careful, it's addictive! :-)

Tere Kirkland said...

Hope you feel better soon. And congrats on your paper! Hopefully NaNo won't suck all the life out of you once you're finally feeling better. November is just the worst month for me to try to write 50K in 30 days. But I'm sure you'll "win"!

Glynis said...

Congratulations on your paper result. I have been looking at NaNaWriMo but not really sure about it. The challenge of it sounds good. Have fun with it.

Galen Kindley--Author said...

Gosh, Eric, an eye infection sounds terrible, glad you’re over that. Now, get rid of that other bug.

Congrats on the great score on your paper. If that wasn’t really ready, I’d love to see one you’re happy with!

So, 50K words is the goal. How short do you think that will leave you form being finished? 1600 a day is a lot of words. An plan and structured approach would help for sure.

Lastly, no, I don’t think you’re alone in wanting to see a satisfying ending. Doesn’t have to be happy…thought that would be nice…but satisfying and logical is a must. Otherwise, why take the reading journey??

Best Regards, Galen

Imagineering Fiction Blog

christine said...

cool about the technical writing paper! And YAY about NaNo...that is awesome. I am blogging about NaNo prep next week...maybe we can help each other get ready