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Friday, September 11, 2009

Friday Fun...After Homage Is Paid

Before I launch into fun things, I'd like to take a moment to reflect on today. It's the anniversary of 9-1-01, and I would be remiss if I did not acknowledge the impact of this date on the world. I know I've posted an American flag here, but if you salute a flag of a different color, feel free to pay homage to it in your own way. The entire world has been affected by the tragic events of that day, and I hope everyone takes a moment to remember those lost.

I have no direct ties with this tragedy, but it still saddens me to think of all the lives lost and all the people who did not come home. My dad was a firefighter for 30 years, and I cannot imagine how I would have felt if he had been lost that day. Despite my belief in the power of words, there are none I can use to adequately explain to my children how terrible that day was to humanity.

If there is a silver lining to be found however, it is this: One plane was unwilling to go quietly into the night, and they fought valiantly to the end. In the aftermath, good people from everywhere came together to attempt to pick up the pieces and find any survivors. Those of us who were able to, fought back against despair, helped out where they could, and reminded the world why humanity as a whole is good despite a few bastions of evil. Even if that small glimmer of hope fades from time to time, it's still there within most of us.

Despite my feelings that these words are inadequate, I hope they do more good than harm to anyone out there.

If you haven't noticed, there are changes here at 'Da Muse. I finally figured out (with helpful suggestions from a few of you)how to post the badges and awards I've been lucky enough to receive. I actually was not sure whether I wanted to put them here, because I try to be as humble as possible about myself. But in the end, I decided it's an honor to receive them, so I need to give them their due. The blogman award isn't one I received, but I didn't think anyone would mind since the acronym and award rules are my creation.

The latest award I have received is the Honest Scrap award. I have to think a bit who to pass this on to, but I will at least list ten things you may not know about me in honor of the award. So here goes:

1. My freshman year I wore a sleeveless shirt and combed my hair back (I actually had some back then) like Don Johnson in Miami Vice, for picture day. No, there wasn't really a good resemblance. Yeah, to say my mom was not happy about it was an understatement.

2. I once had an Orange Crush bicycle (after the soft drink, not the Broncos). The first day I was allowed to ride it to school (after begging my parents for permission), it was stolen before lunch time.

3. I worked as a pin chaser at a bowling alley once. I had to run down the median between lanes to clear out errant bowling pins that were stuck in the gutter.

4. At the peak of my physical fitness (I was in the Army), I could do 82 push-ups in two minutes and 92 sit-ups in two minutes.

5. Phil Collins is my favorite musician. His solo albums got me through many a depressed day as a teenager.

6. I was once in a barbershop quartet, as high tenor. I had to hold a single high note for the length of a song (My Irish Rose), all while the rest of the quartet sang their own respective parts. I couldn't stop for breath even once.

7. I am incapable of sitting cross-legged comfortably. My ligaments and groin muscles just won't allow it for some reason.

8. I once created a science project in which I drew a computer image of a solar-powered car. The entire roof of the car was covered in solar cells.

9. I have to be very selective which shoes I buy, because my feet are really wide. I also tend to wear boots 90% of the time, because they are the most comfortable for me.

10. My dream car back in high school was a 1963 Corvette, painted an emerald green. Nowadays though, I'd rather have a Harley with lots of chrome. Funny how we change, huh?

I will nominate some others for this award later, but this post has been long enough. Thanks for bearing with me and I hope everyone has a nice weekend.


Michelle H. said...

I believe your sentiments are more than appropriate to commemorate this day.

As for your ten list, I... uh... have a confession to make. Believe it or not, I was a big Phil Collins fan back in the day. I don't know why he receives flack now. His music was inspiring...

Andrea Cremer said...

Congrats on the awards Eric - well deserved!

christine said...

Hmm - corvette or harley...I think it is a definite toss up! Congrats on the award.

Danyelle said...

Beautiful post, and congratulations!