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Monday, August 31, 2009

Blogman To The Rescue

On Wednesday, Elana had a post begging the question "What Does Blog Stand For?" I put in a comment with a few choices, but the one moment of brilliance (dare I say it...yes I will) I had was Batman Looking Over Gotham. It was evidently a hit with the rest of the commentors, and Abby even went so far as to create a badge for it (thank you Abby, and I hope you don't mind me stealing it). The badge is really cool.
I cannot tell you how awesome this has made my Monday. It's rare that I come up with something cool like this, so to see it spawn comments and badges is too cool for words. Since this has made my day and given me visions of black capes and pointy-ear masks, I'm going to spread the love. Here are the rules of this badge. Feel free to have fun with it, and hopefully it will create smiles all 'round.
1. Tell us your favorite hero/superhero (it doesn't have to be Batman, after all) and why.
2. Copy the badge and post it on your blog.
3. Present the badge to five (the number of points on a Batarang) other worthy bloggers.
4. Post links to the five people you nominate.
5. Comment on their pages to let them know they have been nominated.
My favorite superhero actually is Batman. I've always liked the Dark Knight persona - an extremely capable martial artist (ninjitsu, in his case), an untouchable pillar of good, and someone who doesn't mind tossing the bad guys around a bit to get the answer he needs.
I've copied the badge from it's creator Abby and have posted it here.
I am presenting this badge to:
  1. Elana - I can just see her tying on the black cape and jumping across rooftops.
  2. Brian - Although his site is not dark at all, he is a fully-fledged knight.
  3. Rebecca - Despite the fact that she's on the other side of the pond, she is a staunch defender of writing in all it's forms.
  4. Danyelle - Her sunny disposition is exactly what every superhero needs.
  5. Lost Wanderer - Her darkened blog is in contrast to the shining example she sets as a writer.
I am winging my way to let the respective awardees know of their great fortune. Hopefully everyone else will enjoy this as much as I am.


Abby said...

Very cool, Eric! I'm glad you liked it. :D

Eric said...

I don't just like it Abby - I love it! You did such a good job with it, so thanks big time.

Abby said...

Ahem. I misspoke. What I meant to say was, I'm glad you love it. ;) Thanks for the props!

Danyelle said...

Thanks for the award! I have to say that I loved your responses to B.L.O.G. :) Abby is a talented lady, isn't she? This is one awesome award-thanks again. :D

Michelle H. said...

Very nicely done. My favorite superhero is also Batman. I guess the "dark hero going through emotional angst" always appealed to me.

ElanaJ said...

This is awesome! And I am SOOOO a cape girl. How did you know? ;-) Ha ha!

Anonymous said...

This is awesome. As for my favorite superhero - that would be Wolverine. He know's right from wrong and attacks until justice is served. He is also loyal to his friends in his own way. Thank you for this.

Rebecca said...

Thank you so much. How wonderful! My favourite superhero is very new to the superhero scene but I'd like to share this honour with him and I'm fairly sure you can guess his identity... Sir Word Nerd, Knight of the Word Nerd Army. His super-powers are:

Defending libraries, literacy and word nerds which he defends using his pen of power *POW!*

He can be found on the blogs/sites of holders of the Knight of the Month title or here (bottom of right column)- http://WordNerdArmy.blogspot.com

Really appreciate this. Thank you! :)

Galen Kindley--Author said...

Great idea for an award, Eric. I too, liked Batman as a kid. The reason he appealed to me was believability. No special powers, just smarts and way cool gadgets. Maybe he’s the reason I’m a gadget guy to this day!!

Best Regards, Galen
Imagineering Fiction Blog

Lost Wanderer said...


Thanks. This is so great. Sorry took bit of time in replying, but I was away when you posted it. I will put the logo on my blog shortly.