A to Z Challenge 2013

Monday, May 31, 2010

Always Remember Our Soldiers

Before we were even a country
Men stood up to heed the call
They fought against injustice
And they formed a solid wall

They left behind their loved ones
Grabbed a weapon and stood a post
They watched over home and country
Guarding what they loved the most

Wars began in other countries
With evil men at the helm
Soldiers valiently fought against them
To bring freedom to the realm

Though many soldiers have fallen
Others stand to take their place
They travel to where they're needed
To aid the human race

They live without the luxuries
We enjoy here everyday
But they do their job without complaint
It's the American soldier way

As you breathe the air of freedom
And enjoy this holiday
Remember the lives of those lost
And honor them in some way


Michelle H. said...

A wonderful way of honoring those soldiers who have fallen. This was an exceptional read, Eric. May you have a blessed Memorial Day.

Tim Riley said...

Well done, thanks for this post.

Eric said...

Michelle - Thank you. I hope yours has been just as nice as mine.

Tim - Thank you, and thanks for stopping by.

Michelle H. said...

Oh, I left you an award on my blog. The post will be up soon.