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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Courtroom Of The Soul - Part 3

"Describe your relationship with the defendant, Trevor."

"Well...I guess he is my guide, so to speak. He's helped me-"

"Isn't it true that the defendant was an accomplice in your mother's murder? Indeed, he was the orchestrator of her death, yes?"

Trevor launched out of the seat, his finger shaking at the prosecutor. "Now just one damn minute. She wasn't murdered. It was an accident and you know it. He had nothing to do with that."

The prosecutor turned towards the jury unfazed, "Such a heated reply, Trevor. But then what else should we expect from...an aberration like yourself, right?"

The courtroom erupted at that point, with people yelling from every corner. Judge Albright struggled to restore order, slamming the gavel home over and over. It took some time, but everyone returned to their seats and quieted down.

"Mr. Prosecutor, you are teetering on the edge and my patience is wearing thin. This is your last warning. One more inciteful statement like that and I'll hold you in contempt." Judge Albright turned to address Trevor. "And you will sit down, sir. You will confine yourself to that chair until the questioning is complete. Is that clear?"

Trevor started to argue. "But your honor-"

"No but anything. You will restrain yourself from any further outbursts." The Judge turned back to the prosecutor and said, "Finish your examination, Mr. Prosecutor."

The prosecutor nodded before training his eyes once more on Trevor. "You admire the defendant, don't you?" His voice glistened with barely veiled sarcasm.

Trevor straightened a bit. "Yes, I do. He's done some amazing things and accomplished a great deal since I've become acquainted with him."

"He also introduced you to the concept of insurrection and the overthrow of governments, isn't that correct?"

Trevor stood once more, ignoring Judge Albright's protests. He shouted to be heard over the uproar. "That's a lie. He helped me find the truth. The truth about myself and the truth about an evil plague propogated for centuries against humanity. He-"

"Bailiff, remove the witness", Judge Albright's voice boomed.

Strong hands dragged Trevor from the chair, but he struggled to be heard. "You people can't do this. Don't let this snake confuse you with his lies. It's all a bunch of lies." As he was being dragged from the courtroom, Trevor yelled to the defendent, "Take charge, dammit. You can't let this continue.."

The courtroom was in chaos, with photographers trying to take snapshots of the participants. Some of the jury members shrunk in their seats, trying to avoid the attention. People were arguing back and forth, and amidst it all Judge Albright slammed the gavel again and again. The fury of his strikes threatened to snap the wood in two.

Finally the room settled down. Lightning flashed through Judge Albright's eyes. "Do you have anything further, prosecutor?"

"The prosecution rests, your honor."


Kat Harris said...

This scene is intriguing, Eric. I definitely want to read more.

I have a couple of suggestions. If you're interested e-mail me.

Glynis said...

You have tension and anger captured here. Great read, thanks for sharing.
Ps: I read 2 but don't think I commented...good work, thanks for sharing. :)