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Monday, March 22, 2010

Courtroom Of The Soul - Part 2

"Is it fair to say you consider yourself exceptional?"

The young man in the chair slouched, a bored expression on his face. "Are you going to ask me idiotic questions like the woman Rosalie? I doubt I have her patience."

Judge Albright grimaced but said nothing. The prosecutor however, was less than happy. "Your honor, permission to treat the witness as hostile." His hawk eyes latched onto Kris in defiance.

Kris became rigid, his gaze more intent. "You have no idea just how hostile I can be. Judge Albright's silence is more ominous than your beady eyes and spindly limbs. He understands I am here only as courtesy."

The prosecutor's face changed to something more reminiscient of fear. A wrinkle between Kris' eyes appeared, becoming more defined as the seconds passed. As the prosecutor crumbled to his knees, Judge Albright pleaded. "Please Kris, he's just an overzealous lawyer. I think you've made your point."

Kris slumped once more, his hands releasing tight grips on the arms of the chair. The prosecutor gasped for breath, his head falling to hang low for a moment. His long legs were trembling, his arms wrapped across his body in a tight hug. With effort, he pulled himself up using the nearby table. He turned to drink some water, a few drops spilling down his chin. Then he composed himself once more before turning to face Kris.

"I a.a..aapologize, sir. Would you please tell us why you are here as a witness?"

Kris sighed. "I'm here to get the truth out about this man. He started something, put alot of work into it, and then he leaves to go elsewhere. I don't know if it's that he doesn't care, as Rosalie seems to think. Maybe he's cold-hearted. Or maybe opportunistic. I can't decide which. The end result is the same. A bunch of islands floating in the sea, cut off from each other or anything else."

Kris stood and closed his eyes in concentration. A female voice echoed against the walls however, interrupting him and making everyone in the courtroom jump. "No Kris. Walk outside. We can't risk another intrusion...particularly here."

He looked skyward, his eyes rolling. "Alright Mara. Be out in a minute." Kris stepped down and strode toward the door, turning halfway to look at the judge. "Don't let him off easy, Albright. I might be forced to return."


T. Anne said...

This drew me in. You have a strong voice and the perfect amount of tension.

Galen Kindley--Author said...

I have to agree with T.Anne. It is compelling reading. Your voice is clear as are the images. You should be a writer, my friend!

Best, Galen

Kat Harris said...

It has been so incredible to watch you grow as a writer. This is great!

Eric said...

T. Anne - Thank you. And thanks for stopping by.

Galen - Heh heh. You guys are being way too kind. I'm glad you liked it though.

Kat - Wow, thank you very much. That is a very nice thing to say, and I really appreciate it.