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Friday, September 4, 2009

Musings...from the 3rd grade

I was going through some boxes, sorting through stuff, and I stumbled on a copy of a poem I wrote (called 'I Know A Place') quite some time ago. I was in 3rd grade, and I don't remember exactly what the assignment was, but I wanted to share it with you all. This is probably the first time I ever wrote anything, and re-reading it now, the piece still touches an inner part of me. Enjoy.

I know a place
where I feel very free,
along with the breeze out in the air
while I tend the strawberries out in the garden.

I know a place
where the brown and gray jackrabbits run untamed
and the flowers bloom beautiful reds, yellows, and blues
while the green grass grows by a sparkling spring.

I know a place
where the birds sing long choruses
and the chitter-chattering cues you
that you're in a squirrel's territory.

I know a place
where the tender moss covers the north side of a tree,
and the smell of rain
is in everything around.

I know a place
where I feel immortal,
and I could live there forever
at my grandma's house in Missouri.

There is something about this poem that even now still resonates with me. It's simplistic in some ways perhaps, but I like it.

Do you have a piece you've written that hits you deep, no matter how many times you read it?


Michelle H. said...

That is some awesome writing. I can't believe it's from the 3rd grade. You always had the writing bug in you even at that tender age.

B.J. Anderson said...

Wow! This is so awesome! That's good writing, especially for a third grader. I have a lot of little poems and story books I wrote tucked away back at my mom's house. I like to go through them every now and again.